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What are the most important sustainability topics for Orion? We want to hear your opinion!

We are conducting a stakeholder survey on sustainability to ensure that our Sustainability Agenda and work focus on the most important sustainability topics for our stakeholders and business in the future, too. Your voice and expectations matter, and we appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey.

Sustainability and ethics are vital for Orion, and we demand a lot from ourselves and our partners in these areas. We want to continuously improve our performance on sustainability. To succeed in this, we would appreciate if you could take a moment to share your thoughts on the most important sustainability topics for Orion to focus on in the future. 

By responding to the survey, you will help us to understand what the most important sustainability topics for us are and to develop our sustainability work further. Filling out the survey takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes. You also have a possibility to participate in the prize draw where we draw 4 x 2 movie tickets (or gift voucher for equal value if you are not living in Finland) among those who took part in the survey. 

Link to survey

We promote sustainability throughout the life cycle of a medicine – from the product development of our medicines and other products to their use and eventual disposal. Orion's Sustainability Agenda sets the guidelines for developing our sustainability work in the short and long term. Orion's current Sustainability agenda comprises four sustainability themes that are the most relevant in our sustainability work. These themes are: Patient safety as a top priority, Active work for a better environment, Care for well-being professionals, and Ethics at the core of our business.
We are renewing Orion’s materiality assessment which identifies corporate responsibility topics that impact our stakeholders and are particularly relevant for us and our business, both today and in the future. Our first materiality assessment was conducted in 2018 and it was used as the basis for defining Orion’s Sustainability Agenda. By conducting this survey, we want to ensure that the opinions of both internal and external stakeholders are reflected in the renewed materiality assessment.  

The survey will be open until 21st of April 2023, and it is available in English. All responses are anonymous, and an external partner will process and analyze the data of the survey. Please note that if you participate in the raffle, your answers will no longer be anonymous. 

Thank you for helping us keep the bar high in our sustainability work!