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Orion IR Policy

The primary task of Orion’s Investor Relations is to ensure that the market has correct and sufficient information at its disposal in order to determine the value of the Orion shares at all times. This task is being performed by providing consistent and regular information about Orion and its business environment to all capital market representatives equally.

In all of its communications, Orion complies with the requirements for listed companies as defined by the Securities Markets Act, the rules of the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and any other applicable regulation concerning prompt and simultaneous disclosure of information.

Orion Investor Relations is also responsible for gathering and analyzing market information and investor feedback to be used by Orion’s management and Board of Directors.

Investor and analyst meetings

Orion’s Investor Relations activities are coordinated by the Investor Relations Function. This ensures fair and equal access to company information and to its spokespersons. Orion's IR spokespersons meet with investors and analysts regularly except during the silent periods. Criteria for who from Orion should be present are as follows:

  • The President and CEO meets mainly investors and analysts who have already met with the management of the company and who have a good understanding of the company.
  • CFO and Head of Investor Relations meet mainly investors and analysts who have a basic knowledge of the company and who have requested a first meeting with the management of the company.
  • Head of Investor Relations is mainly responsible for introductory meetings with investors and analysts.

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