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Building personnel well-being

We work actively to ensure a positive working environment. We want to create a workplace with good supervisors, colleagues that encourage each other and an atmosphere of trust, because these factors contribute to well-being.

Well-being at work is evaluated three times a year year with an employee survey. Since the beginning of this millennium, Orion has focused on personnel management and supervisory work, in particular. The results of this work can be seen in the employee surveys: Orion’s leadership indicators are well above the Finnish average and the results show that Orion is one of the best in Finland when it comes to good supervisory work.

Comprehensive rewards and benefits

By providing personnel with rewards and benefits we support success and encourage our personnel to follow Orion’s strategy and values.

Salaries are based on how demanding a duty is, personal performance and competence. To show our appreciation for excellent performance, we offer immediate rewards. We also reward long-term commitment to Orion with a bonus based on years of service, for example.

In their free time Orion’s employees can take part in activities offered by our numerous clubs and book affordable accommodation at our recreational sites around Finland. We also offer vouchers for cultural activities and exercise. In Espoo and Salo there is a personnel gym.

We also provide and subsidise a high-quality and varied lunch.

In Espoo and Turku we have personnel shops with very affordable prices.

Health and safety at work

The goals of occupational health care are a healthy and safe work environment and a well-functioning workplace. Much of Orion’s occupational safety and well-being work is preventative.

We carry out health inspections by age group to assess our employees’ working capacity. Orion also supports special courses to improve fitness in order to maintain working capacity.

Our occupational health care services conduct regular workplace visits and risk surveys so that we can continuously improve conditions.