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Pharmaceutical production at Orion

Production employees have a wide variety of tasks at Orion. Read more about the various jobs and the plant operations!

Orion has six modern production plants in Finland for the manufacture and packaging of medicines and active pharmaceutical ingredients.  
The pharmaceutical plants are located in Espoo, Turku, Kuopio and Salo. They manufacture a variety of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products, including gels, liquids, injections, tablets, capsules, cytostatics, inhalators, ointments and nasal products.​​  
​​​​​​​Orion’s subsidiary Fermion manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients in Oulu and Hanko.

Production employees’ tasks at the pharmaceutical plants

Pharmaceutical production work includes manufacturing and packaging medicines in clean rooms with different classifications, monitoring production lines, controlling processes, using protective equipment in connection with pharmaceutical production, creating and managing documents, managing cleaning procedures and complying with instructions. The work requires special attention and care, as well as technical skills. Almost all of the work stages are done with the help of machines and equipment, but in some tasks a good level of physical fitness is an advantage or necessary. Finnish language skills are a requirement for nearly all production jobs, as Finnish is our working language, and our instructions and guidelines are in Finnish. 

Depending on the department, we work either during the day, in daytime job, two shifts or in a semi-continuous three-shift or continuous five-shift model. In the same position as a rule, each employee works in the same shift and with the same employees. Employees are always informed of their shifts about a year in advance, which helps ensure a better work-life balance.

Read more about the operations of our units and departments in different locations


Job descriptions

At Orion, many production employees work under the title of process operator. Below is a more detailed description of the tasks that a process operator’s job may involve.

A process operator in the inhalator department manufactures inhalable powders, supervises and operates filling lines, and takes care of the maintenance and preparation of the equipment and instruments. In the tablet department, tasks may include mass production, tableting, coating and operating production machinery.  Process operators also work in the injection and Speciality Products departments, as well as in solution manufacturing, where the employee is responsible for the manufacturing process of each department’s product.

The duties of all process operators include documentation, process control, taking samples, quality control, preparation, installation and dismantling of equipment and instruments, cleaning operations and troubleshooting.

The job description of a process operator consists of different work stages, and titles describing these duties are given to the people carrying them out, which are presented below. 

The duties of a mass preparer include the preparation of pharmaceutical masses using various types of equipment and processes, and the cleaning of equipment and instruments.

The duties of a tablet maker include pressing masses into tablets using modern tablet machines, as well as dismantling, cleaning and installing tablet machines.

The duties of a tablet coater include coating tablets with a drum coater. 

The duties of a raw material weigher include weighing raw materials on various weighing stations or in an isolator and grinding.

An equipment technician is responsible for the cleaning, drying and checking the cleanliness of parts that are in contact with products.

The aim of a cream preparer is to use the manufacturing equipment to prepare emollient creams as well as medicinal creams, gels and solutions, promoting flexible production that is as efficient and disturbance-free as possible.

Most of our departments in different locations also have their own packaging and warehousing operations. You can read more about these job descriptions below.

A packaging line mechanic/operator and packer has full responsibility for the operation of the packaging line. You can work on packaging lines in our different departments and locations. The varied role includes controlling the operation of the line, which involves installations, keeping the line running and helping to solve any problems that may arise. Duties include documentation, process control, quality control, cleaning operations and responding to incidents.

Warehouse employees are responsible for a variety of varied tasks in the warehouse that involve responsibility, such as receiving material, shelving, collecting for packaging operations and dispatching.

As a production employee at Orion’s subsidiary Fermion, you can work under the title of process operator.

As a process operator at Fermion you are responsible for the management and supervision of chemical processes. Your duties include operating and cleaning both manual and automated production machines, as well as recording the work stages and quality control.

Are you interested in working as a production employee in our pharmaceutical plant and being involved in building well-being? 

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