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Employee benefits – building wellbeing for personnel

At Orion, our rewarding consists of salary and various employee benefits. Factors related to the salary are qualifications, personal performance, and position’s requirements. Excellent performance can be appreciated with for example instant rewarding. We reward long-term commitment to Orion with years of service rewards.

"We want to build well-being and health, both at work and in our free time. By actively developing our remuneration and benefits, we want to ensure that every employee is motivated at work and feels valued," says Oili Ruotsalainen, our remuneration specialist. 

Benefits for free time 

Orion has dozens of hobby clubs, from pets and sports to photography. These clubs provide an opportunity for fun leisure time with colleagues. In addition, Orion’s employees can reserve a holiday cottage at a staff price in Snappertuna and Vuokatti. We offer our employees cultural and sports benefits. In Espoo and Salo, our staff can also use our own gym.   

Investing in our own wellbeing is also important during free time, as Jouni Turunen, Orion's HR Vice President, explains: "As Orion’s employees, we are all building wellbeing, including our own, it is important that the benefits we offer our employees also have a strong link to strengthening wellbeing. For example, the sports and cultural benefits support both physical and mental well-being."   

Orion's staff shops offer employees the opportunity to make advantageous purchases online or on-site in Espoo and Turku. Every year, Orion employees receive a selected collection of Orion’s products as a summer gift. 

Employee benefits to support well-being at work

 At Orion, we have our own in-house occupational health services. A large part of Orion's occupational health and safety and well-being activities are aimed for prevention. Employees are also offered exercises for breaks in the middle of the working day and supported physiotherapy and mental wellbeing services if needed. In addition, we offer our employees Orion's own Kela-reimbursed medicines as a medicine benefit. We invest in a varied, high-quality lunch service, which is supported by the employer.