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Conversion of shares

The Articles of Association entitle shareholders to demand the conversion of their A shares to B shares, if the conversion can take place within the maximum number of shares in the share classes.

According to Orion’s Articles of Association, the minimum number of all shares in the company is one (1) and the maximum number is 1,000,000,000. A maximum number of 500,000,000 of the shares shall be A shares and a maximum number of 1,000,000,000 shares shall be B shares.

A demand relating to conversion may be presented at any time, however, not after the Board of Directors of the company has decided to convene a General Meeting of the Shareholders. A demand presented during the time between the said decision and the General Meeting of the Shareholders following it shall be deemed to have been presented and will be handled after the General Meeting of the Shareholders and the following record date possibly following thereafter.

To initiate conversion process, kindly contact your custodian bank.  A conversion request form and information on fees that apply are also available from the Company.

Contacts related to conversions: treasury(a)