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Orion's Sustainability Report 2023 published – carbon emissions were reduced and availability of medicines remained at good level

Orion succeeded in increasing energy efficiency and significantly reduced its carbon dioxide emissions in 2023. The availability of medicines also remained at a good level. The social responsibility roadmap and the extensive survey on employee diversity and inclusion provided new tools for developing sustainability.
4/29/2024 Author / Katri Isotalo

Progress in key sustainability themes in 2023: 

  • Patient safety as a top priority: The availability of Orion’s medicines remained at a good level despite the challenging operating environment.  
  • Active work for a better environment: Energy efficiency measures resulted in energy savings of 11,459 MWh.  
  • Care for well-being professionals: Orion conducted the first diversity and inclusion survey for its entire personnel.
  • Ethics at the core of our business: Orion created a social responsibility roadmap to prevent, mitigate and end the adverse impacts to rights-holders throughout the value chain.  

Heat pump plant improved energy efficiency and reduced emissions 

Conflicts around the world and the general uncertainty they cause affect the availability of both medicines and raw materials and, consequently, the security of supply of medicines. However, Orion managed to maintain its supply at a good level both globally and in Finland.  

Carbon dioxide emissions were reduced especially thanks to the heat pump installed at Orion’s production site in Espoo. The heat pump utilises waste heat from production and outdoor air to produce carbon dioxide-free energy for the Espoo site. This and other energy efficiency projects resulted in energy savings of 11,459 MWh in 2023. Orion’s total energy consumption in 2023 was 159,242 MWh.  

Another important step forward in environmental responsibility was conducting a water risk assessment for all production sites.  

Social responsibility roadmap helps strengthen human rights  

The most significant step in the Care for well-being professionals theme was the first diversity and inclusion survey for Orion’s entire personnel. More than half of Orion’s employees around the world responded to the survey, which provided a good basis for identifying the areas where improvement is needed in diversity and inclusion. The results will be used to set metrics and outcome-oriented targets.

To better ensure the realization of human rights throughout the value chain, Orion created a social responsibility roadmap in 2023. The roadmap will help Orion to prevent, mitigate and end the negative impacts on rights-holders across Orion’s operations. In other words, it will ensure that the rights of local communities are not endangered in Orion’s value chain and that occupational safety is not compromised at any stage of the supply chain, for example.

Orion’s Sustainability Report 2023 was published on 25 April 2024. The report has been prepared in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) requirements.