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Diversity, equity and inclusion – Each Orionee as they are

At Orion, we see that a diverse, equal and inclusive workplace fosters wellbeing at work and innovation. Although we are still at the beginning of this journey, we want to increase our knowledge and find ways to build an even more diverse and inclusive corporate culture.

Equity is every employee’s right – the organisation also benefits

Orion wants every employee to feel welcome and accepted just as they are. In our daily work, we expect everyone to operate in accordance with Orion’s values, i.e. to appreciate each other. We want every Orion employee to have equal opportunities to contribute to the work community and be an equal member of the work community.

We believe there is a clear link between equity and inclusivity and with well-being at work and business development. Since we develop pharmaceuticals, innovation is a key success factor for us. People from different backgrounds bring different ways of thinking and ideas, which give rise to innovation.

Raising awareness and practices to increase diversity and equity

Diversity and equity are reflected in Orion’s management principles and in the policies that guide HR practices. However, we still recognise the need to gain a better understanding of themes related to these and to develop practices related to diversity and equity in our work community.

We have created an employee resource group of motivated Orion employees to contribute to the development of our diversity and equity work. The ideas and perspectives gained from this group will be taken into account, for example, in the development of practices and how we communicate about the practices on diversity and equity. The diversity work also builds on the findings of our employee survey on equality and non-discrimination that was carried out in 2021. The progress of this work is monitored through regular Pulse Surveys, which measure employee experience.

The next phase of our development work will deal with diversity, equity and inclusion as part of Orion's social responsibility roadmap. Our aim is to ensure that every Orion employee, regardless of status, understands the importance of these themes. We will continue to focus on raising awareness on diversity, equity and inclusion issues within our organisation.