A guest in hiding

Mika Viitanen fell ill with prostate cancer at an exceptionally young age. The illness that had been in hiding in his body for a long time turned into a long-term guest.

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ALS study Webinar

Biosimilars are a cost-effective option among biological medicines

Thanks to biosimilars, an increasing number of patients can receive effective care at a lower pharmaceutical cost.

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Our approach to corporate responsibility

Mari Björkman: Cancer research – from idea to product

Research areas

Orion Research Foundation's grants

Orion Research Foundation sr is distributing EUR 1,004,800 in research grants based on applications for 2019.

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Scientific publications

A list of recent posters presented at congresses and articles published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

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Financial Statement Release 2018

6 Feb 2019 I Financial Statement Release for 2018 and related materials now published.

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AGM 2019

The 2019 Annual General Meeting will be held on 26 March 2019 in Helsinki. Registration closes on 20 March. Instructions and registration link can be found on these pages.

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Tomi Svahn monitors analysis methods

Pharmaceutical ingredients must be pure, which is why the washing of the production equipment is controlled closely. The work of Quality Control Chemist Tomi Svahn is related to the cleanliness of equipment and pharmaceutical ingredients.

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Working in the pharmaceutical industry

Orion is the largest employer in the Finnish pharmaceutical industry. It is considered to be a good and reliable employer, which is also indicated by its lower-than-average employee turnover.

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Applying for a job – questions and answers

How do I apply for a job at Orion? Can I attach my CV to the application form? How can I make sure my job application stands out from the rest? These following tips will help you complete your job application.

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For healthcare professionals

Are you a physician, vet, pharmacist or another healthcare professional? 'Health Professionals' site offers an easy access to our websites for professionals. 

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