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Procurement at Orion

We procure materials, products and services for the needs of our production and other functions from a network of over 6000 suppliers in roughly 50 countries.

Our suppliers provide us with packaging materials, raw materials (e.g. active pharmaceutical ingredients) and products. In addition, we support our core business activities by collaborating with partners who serve as external service providers and material suppliers. 

The Cornerstones of our Procurement 

We aspire to be the leading supply chain in the pharma industry - working together for the best of the patient. In procurement, it is extremely important for us to take care of our people and guarantee a good place to work, as well as opportunities to develop skills. We see our work community living in accordance with Orion's values. 

Our operations are guided by delivery reliability, quality assurance, total cost thinking, responsibility and effective cooperation with stakeholders and external networks. Our aim is to maintain a high medicine delivery reliability level at all times. 

Our cooperation aims at reducing risks and ensuring the expected level of service, together throughout the supply chain and in line with the objectives agreed upon with suppliers. 



Sustainable Procurement 

We want to build good and sustainable business relationships and have an interactive partner sustainability engagement process.
We ensure sustainable operations through the value chain by having transparent and timely communications, executing sustainability risk management and compliance, sharing knowledge on sustainability through meetings, trainings and dialogue and supporting the development of our partners’ sustainability competencies. 

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Sustainability of the Supply Chain

The sustainability of our supply chain is an integral part of Orion’s sustainability.
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