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Invoicing addresses

Orion Corporation
P.O.Box 303
FI-02101 Espoo

Fermion Oy
P.O.Box  92
FI-02101 Espoo

Invoices to Orion Corporation and Fermion are advised to be sent as e-invoices. Our e-invoice operator is Basware with Service ID BAWCFI22. 

E-invoice addresses: 

Orion Oyj: 003719992126 
Fermion Oy: 003718552129 

If sending e-invoices is not possible, you can also send invoices in pdf format by e-mail.  

E-mail addresses for invoices are:

 Orion Corporation's VAT numbers in different countries:  


  Orion Oyj  FI19992126     
  Fermion Oy  FI18552129     

  Belgium  BE0884166975     

  Czech Republic  CZ683351563     

  Denmark  DK25179838     

  Estonia  EE101028745     

  Germany  DE813567693     

  Hungary  HU26953568     

  Ireland  IE9982855T     

  Italy  IT00124669995     

  Lithuania  LT100005444310     

  Norway  981183770MVA     

  Poland  PL5262795782     

  Portugal  PT980386055          

  Slovenia  SI82953325     

  Spain  ESN0321689B (applied only to EC acquisitions,     
    no common VAT liability in Spain)     

  Sweden  SE502063996801     

  Switzerland  CHE-112.583.980     

  United Kingdom  GB804904833