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Orion Group Environment, Health and Safety Policy

Orion is a globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company – a builder of well-being. We develop, manufacture and market human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Orion has an extensive portfolio of proprietary and generic medicines and consumer health products.

Orion is committed to ensuring the safety of people, protecting the environment and continually improving our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) performance. As a global pharmaceutical company, we recognise our responsibility to integrate EHS considerations into all aspects of our operations. This commitment is fundamental to our business and reflects our dedication to achieving excellence in EHS. We prioritise high standards for a safe and healthy workplace, fostering a collective sense of EHS responsibility through open communication and visible leadership globally. Leaders and all employees shall understand and fulfil their individual duties, being collectively responsible for following the EHS Policy along with related corporate policies and procedures.

Operations Safety and environmental management

Ensuring the health and safety of the people working for Orion is of the utmost importance to us. Our operational safety activities aim to reduce or eliminate EHS-related risks, prevent work-related injuries and illnesses and mitigate the consequences of any unwanted events to people and the environment. We foster a proactive safety culture and empower our employees with the knowledge and skills needed to perform their tasks safely. 

We protect the environment by applying sustainable practices that minimize our ecological footprint. We work diligently to conserve resources and reduce waste, decrease and mitigate negative impacts to air, water, and soil and minimise our climate impact. Our operations adhere to strict environmental management protocols to meet our environmental obligations. 

Continual improvement in EHS

Orion maintains an effective EHS management system that includes environmental, occupational health and safety and process safety aspects. The Orion Group EHS principles cover all our operations from research and development to business operations and the entire supply chain, including purchasing, manufacturing and distribution. The EHS principles on leadership, safety management, environmental management and continual improvement are the fundamental pillars for safe and environmentally responsible operations. We actively seek opportunities to enhance our EHS performance by incorporating the latest industry standards and best practices, striving to go beyond mere compliance with EHS obligations. Through measurable objectives and targets, we track our progress and strive for excellence in EHS performance. We actively engage with employees, suppliers and stakeholders to gather feedback and identify opportunities for improvement. 

Safety in everything we do

Through leadership, robust safety and environmental management practices and a commitment to continuous improvement in EHS, we aim to create a workplace that prioritises the health and safety of our employees, works for a better environment and contributes to the overall sustainability of our business. We encourage and expect all our employees to actively work for our EHS initiatives and thus contribute to ensuring a safer and healthier future for all.