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EHS Policy

The Environmental, Health and Safety Policy determines how all units and organisations belonging to the Orion Group are committed to promoting the well-being of the environment and the workplace.

We are committed to proactively reducing and preventing those effects of our operations, products and services which may cause harm to environment, occupational health or safety.

The most significant environmental impacts of our operations arise from the use of materials, energy and water. The emphasis of environmental management is on the efficiency of materials and energy use, emissions into air, waste water and the procedures for selecting and managing suppliers and partners.

We aim to continuously and systematically improve our energy efficiency towards our targets, as well as to decrease the environmental burden caused by our energy use. In investment projects we prioritise energy-saving modern technologies and long-lasting solutions which promote sustainable development.

We manage occupational health and safety risks with the organisations’ expertise and collaboration, and with continuous improvements in safety. Actions are planned and taken to prevent injuries and health hazards. We promote employee well-being and the entire working community’s ability to work by using appropriate and safe working methods. Safety risks related to manufacturing processes are prevented on the basis of comprehensive  and regular risk evaluations.

We adhere to applicable legislation and other regulatory requirements concerning our operations. We apply such methods and practices in our operations, organisations and processes as promote ecological efficiency and occupational safety, and develop them in line with targets and with foresight.

Committed to continuous development and improvement, we assess the fulfilment of our environmental and occupational safety commitments, prioritise matters to be developed, set targets and objectives, and follow up on the progress of actions. 

We promote our employees’ awareness of the Company’s environmental matters and occupational safety targets through training and communications to engage the Orion community to act in accordance with our EHS principles, objectives and programs. We also expect high environmental, occupational health and safety standards from our partners.

We inform our stakeholders about the progress of our environmental, occupational health and safety performance mainly in our sustainability reports.