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Supplier requirements

Orion carries the main responsibility of the quality and safety of its products. Uncompromising operations in accordance with Good Practices (GxP) for the pharmaceutical industry and environmental, occupational health and safety requirements is an absolute priority. This we expect also from every partner in our value chain.

What does Orion expect from its Suppliers in terms of corporate responsibility?

In our Approach to Corporate Responsibility, we emphasise our commitment to the principles and practices promoting sustainable development and the welfare of humankind, and our aim for the highest standards in the industry with respect to environment, health, safety, business ethics and integrity. Being committed to corporate responsibility allows us to expect the same from our business partners.

What does this entitlement mean in practise?

As a provider of pharmaceutical products, we carry the main responsibility of the uncompromised quality and safety of our products and related services. The players in the pharmaceutical industry are members in international and complex networks. Our partners’ operations shall be based on Good Practices (Good Practices, GxP*) and efforts to decrease environmental burden, to promote occupational health and safety and to respect human rights. It is also important to us that our suppliers show continued effort to improve their performance in the generally recognised areas of corporate responsibility.

In the selection of providers of ingredients, materials, semi-finished or sub-contracted products or any other procured items directly or indirectly affecting the quality of our products, we assess the supplier candidates’ eligibility based on a selection of key criteria and requirements. Collaboration is based on the chosen supplier’s confirmation of compliance with the necessary standards and commitment to our principles, thereby demonstrating understanding of Orion’s purpose.

Following of Good Practices, GxP is required in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical products. We monitor our suppliers’ compliance by making audits of their premises and operations and/or assessing the status with regular or occasional questionnaires. Auditing our suppliers concerning GxP requirements is an important step in selecting suppliers, monitoring and ensuring the continued availability and the consistent quality of the raw materials and making sure that the documentation is traceable. The quality of Orion’s products is ensured through rigorous management of the entire supply chain, irrespective of where the raw materials are sourced and the products are manufactured.

In addition to complying with GxP requirements, we expect our suppliers to demonstrate their commitment towards Orion’s Third Party Code of Conduct. We manage our global supply chain and monitor suppliers’ sustainability compliance, taking action if needed. We have a risk-based approach in managing sustainability in the supply chain. We use self-assessment questionnaires and undertake risk-based sustainability on-site audits to assess suppliers in terms of sustainability. Our risk-based management of the supply chain means that we have identified and prioritised risks, that we manage risks and continuously develop our risk management. For audit observations, we ensure that the necessary corrective actions are agreed with suppliers and follow implementation of actions.

Read the Third Party Code of Conduct document here.

*) Pharmaceutical companies are required to follow Good Practices defined for manufacturing, laboratory and clinical operations. In the common name GxP, the letter x either stands for M= Manufacturing, L=Laboratory or C=Clinical, or all of them.