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Fire stops production at Orion's manufacturing plant in Turku

PRESS RELEASE 22 November 2011 at 18.10 EET

The fire that took place at Orion's manufacturing plant in Turku early in the morning on Tuesday 22 November 2011 was successfully extinguished.  Due to the fire the production of  the plant is stopped for the time being. Fire broke out in the basement of the plant and spread smoke to the production facilities and other parts of the building causing smoke damage. Further damages caused by the fire are under investigation.

The ventilation and careful cleaning of the production facilities that suffered smoke damages has started.

"At the moment it is too early to estimate when the production could be restarted. Manufacturing pharmaceuticals is a special process and we want to be sure that the cleaning process is done carefully", says Mr. Pekka Konsi, Senior Vice President of Orion's Supply Chain.  

Property damage costs and production interruption costs caused by the fire cannot be estimated at this stage.

By the time the fire broke out there were approximately 20 people working at the plant but no one was injured. The authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.

Orion's plant in Turku manufactures among others pharmaceutical ointments and gels, lotions and various tablet medicines including Burana.

Orion Corporation

Contact person:
Mr. Pekka Konsi, SVP, Supply Chain

tel. +358 50 966 2311