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The Young Orionees network enables young professionals to learn more about and influence Orion’s activities

The Young Orionees network of professionals in the early stage of their career has an impact Orion’s strategy and culture as it gives this younger generation a voice. The active network also strengthens the sense of togetherness and increases well-being at work.
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The Young Orionees network is made up of young and young-at-heart professionals who are interested in developing themselves and Orion. The network allows Orionees at the beginning of their career to get to know each other and offers opportunities to exchange thoughts and ideas across organisational boundaries. The network’s goals include helping employees to understand the company and its strategy and shaping Orion’s culture by emphasising the importance of openness, equality and modern ways of working. 
“We want to be involved in developing Orion from the perspective of young professionals. We are not scared to challenge current ways of working, introduce new ideas or share our ideas about the kind of company our generation wants to work for,” says Linda Nurmi, the leader of the Young Orionees core team.  
Although the name of the network refers to young Orion employees, age is no barrier to joining the network. The network welcomes all Orionees who are interested in making changes and who are willing to participate in events and activities organised by the network and have a desire for further development and progress towards new practices.  

Participation enhances the feeling of belonging and development opportunities 

The purpose of the events and activities organised by Young Orionees is to:  

  • network, 
  • affect matters important to young professionals, 
  • improve job satisfaction and employees’ commitment to the employer, 
  • develop the employer brand internally and externally. 

Events organised by the network in recent years have included: 

  • speakers' events, featuring speakers of interest to young people, 
  • career night events focusing on key aspects such as well-being at work, personal branding in working life and self-leadership work,  
  • a workshop on improving job fulfilment,  
  • leisure activities, events and trips. 

Young Orionees is part of the national Finland Young Professionals (FYP) network, which means that the members of Young Orionees have access to the activities and events of the FYP.

Network of colleagues at a similar stage in their life and career

Mia Almgren (HR Consultant) and Matti Kurvinen (SAP Solution Lead) have been actively involved in the Young Orionees network since joining Orion. They are now also members of the network’s Board. They say that the best aspects of Young Orionees are the opportunities to get to know like-minded colleagues and gain a broader understanding of Orion’s operations and the various roles at Orion. 
“I receive sufficient support for my work from the members of my team and organisation, but it’s also important to be surrounded by colleagues who are at a similar stage in their life and career.” 
The Young Orionees network is a major reason why many employees are so happy at Orion.  
“I have found friends through the network with whom I spend my free time even outside of work,” Almgren adds.