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Damla Serper: As a Phase1 trainee, I have been happy to work on a project where I can integrate my research into industrial set-up

Damla Serper has worked as a Phase1 trainee in the Computational Pharmaceutics team at Orion. The job has been scientifically exiting and given a chance to integrate Damla’s doctoral research into Orion’s functions.
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Hey everyone, my name is Damla Serper and during this summer I have been working as a Pharmaceutical Data Trainee in the Phase1 Trainee Program at Orion.

I am a part of a new and upcoming Computational Pharmaceutics team, which is part of the Research and Development organization at Orion. My team consists of 3 people, including me, and we are all interested in data and modelling pharmaceutical processes.

My studies started with a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering at Marmara University in Turkey. During my bachelor’s studies, I studied how to design and model bio/chemical processes, including pharmaceuticals. During  that time I also interned at a production team of another pharma company.

During my masters’ studies, I moved to Finland and studied Chemical, Biochemical and Metallurgical Engineering at Aalto University in the School of Chemical Engineering.

Lastly, I started my doctoral studies 3,5 years ago at the same school in Aalto. I have been studying modeling and scale-up of centrifugal filters during my doctoral research. Since my career has been developing in academia, on a subject interlinked with industry, I wanted to gain some industrial experience on my subject and therefore joined Orion for Phase1 Summer Trainee Program this year.  

As I write this, I have now worked here in Orion as a Phase1 trainee for 2 months. I have been enjoying a scientifically exiting and satisfying job, a friendly community, and exciting events for Phase1 trainees.

I have learnt about many functions and values of Orion. Also, I have attended trainings that enable me to develop professionally.

My job involves modelling tablet compression process using a numerical method called Discrete Element Method (DEM). I am an expert in this methodology owing to my doctoral research. I am happy to work on a project where I can integrate my research into industrial set-up.

I have been learning about tablet compression process from my supervisor, as well as physically viewing andusing laboratory scale tablet compression machinery myself. I also attended the tablet production site to get an insight about the scales of the process. I am in the process of creating a realistic model of laboratory scale tablet compression. 

I have learnt a lot already and I am looking forward to learning more and giving more to Orion as a Phase1 trainee. 

All the best,