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Orion’s Sustainability Report 2022 has been published – progress was made and the level of ambition in environmental and climate targets was raised even higher

Orion’s Sustainability Report for 2022 was published on 27 April 2023. Highlights of the report include the increased level of ambition in environmental responsibility and the fact that the availability of pharmaceutical products was ensured in the challenging global environment.

The Sustainability Report for 2022 describes Orion’s progress towards achieving its targets in its various sustainability themes during 2022. The report shows, among other things, that Orion successfully was able to meet the market’s needs of medicines and ensure reliable pharmaceutical products supply despite the challenging global environment.

Orion’s target has been to strengthen the sustainability culture in its supply chain. To succeed in this, Orion increased the focus on sustainability topics within their supplier relationship management process. The expertise of employees involved in procurement has also been developed with various training courses and materials.

The Sustainability Report also describes the targets for the coming years, which have been set to outline and steer future activities.

The four themes of the Sustainability Agenda

Orion’s Sustainability Agenda consists of four themes, which have been identified as being the most material for Orion’s business and stakeholders:

  1. Patient safety as a top priority
  2. Active work for a better environment
  3. Care for well-being professionals
  4. Ethics at the core of our business

“In 2018, we carried out a materiality assessment in cooperation with our stakeholders and based on the results of the assessment we identified the themes for our Sustainability Agenda. We evaluate the relevance of the themes constantly. We will also update our materiality assessment during 2023,” says Corporate Responsibility Specialist Matleena Inget. 

The Sustainability Report describes important progress and guides the way for new targets

The highlights of Orion’s Sustainability Report 2022 were:

  • The availability of pharmaceutical products was 97 per cent in Finland in 2022. (Patient safety).
  • Orion made a commitment to setting science-based emission reduction targets for all emission scopes, which means a commitment to reducing emissions throughout the value chain to align with 1.5 °C warming. The target is to achieve alignment with 1.5 degrees by 2030. (Environment).
  • Orion made a commitment to working towards no biodiversity loss caused by its business operations and its value chain. (Environment).
  • The themes of diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) were included in teams’ regular Safety Sessions to facilitate dialogue on the themes and to engage employees in promoting the topic within Orion. (People).
  • More emphasis was placed on sustainability issues in the supplier relationship management process to strengthen the sustainability culture within the supply chain (Ethical Business).

Sustainability work is about continuous improvement 

Orion is very ambitious when it comes to sustainability, and this latest report highlights Orion’s work in this area. There is always room for improvement when it comes to sustainability and it is important to keep raising the bar when it comes to the targets. 

“In 2023, Orion’s environmental sustainability work will focus strongly on setting science-based climate targets and outlining a concrete roadmap on how we, as an entire organisation and in collaboration with our partners, will reduce emissions from our value chain,” Inget says. 

Orion is also preparing for future legislation on sustainability reporting and working on creating a roadmap for social responsibility.

Sustainability Report 2022