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Tonnes of results

Orion’s own energy efficiency group monitors closely the results of projects to minimise environmental impact.

“At Orion, we want to take concrete measures – not just buy certificates and then wonder about how waste heat is used or what happens to it.”

— Risto Sonni, Facility Service Manager, Orion

At Orion, the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the company’s own operations are almost solely related to energy, which is why we evaluate the environmental impact in connection to every project. Most of these emissions can be avoided with the right kind of energy efficiency. We have been under our current energy efficiency agreement since 2017. The measures taken during this time have saved about 2,500 tonnes in CO2 emissions.

The agreement also includes an energy efficiency management system, of which the most visible part are various projects to improve energy efficiency, such as the Ambiheat heat pump plant opened at the Turku plant in 2021. We also take smaller measures, such as improving the energy efficiency of our production sites’ lighting. Smaller measures add up to big savings.

Why raise the bar?

At Orion, the company’s own energy production and purchased energy are the biggest sources of emissions. By improving energy efficiency and using renewable sources of energy, we are best able to cut the greenhouse gas emissions of our own operations.

How are we raising the bar?

Orion’s energy efficiency working group shares experiences of the ongoing energy efficiency measures and projects and discusses how these could be best used throughout all of our production sites. Energy consumption is monitored closely at our plants, and if there are any unusual increases or decreases, these will be responded to immediately and their root causes will be determined. If the measures do not immediately have the desired effect, we will not give up. Instead, we will continue the work until we get the result we want.

The measures taken during the term of the current energy efficiency agreement have saved about 2,500 tonnes in CO2 emissions. This is equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of about 230 average Finns.