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Have an energy-efficient day

Thanks to the renovation of the Espoo head office, Orion’s employees will be able to enjoy an even more energy-efficient office that allows them to make environmentally-friendly choices.

“Environmentally-friendly actions have to do also with everyday choices, such as the basic functions of an office. Thanks to the renovation, our head office is able to meet the demands of today’s needs and values.”

— Taru Karhunsaari, Project Manager of the Orion head office renovation project

At Orion, we take environmental responsibility into account in everything we do. In the renovation of our head office, which started in October 2021, special attention is paid to energy efficiency so that the office can be used in an even more environmentally-friendly way in the coming decades.

The head office had not been renovated after its completion, so updating all its building services will be an important step towards a more sustainable office. As part of the renovation, our head office will be converted into an activity-based office, and it will adopt an arrangement where employees do not have assigned workstations. When there are fewer workstations, the need for things like heating is reduced. Also, not all of the old spaces will be renovated to be ready for use right away. Instead, we will wait to see what the occupancy rate of the office will be.

Why raise the bar?

Even though our biggest environmental impact comes from other sources, sustainable office construction and work are also part of Orion’s sustainability activities and values. It is important to pay attention also to environmentally-friendly choices in everyday operations.

How are we raising the bar?

As part of the renovation, significant energy guzzlers like the indoor pool and the sauna will be removed and the spaces will be used for new purposes. Updating the windows and lighting, smarter ventilation technology, green roofs, and installing energy panels on the roofs will also save plenty of energy.

The environmental impact of the office is affected by many other factors besides the building itself, such as how people get there, what kind of food they eat there, and how recycling is done. At Orion, we will consider these kinds of things more and more in the future.

Updating all of the building services will be an important step towards a more sustainable office.