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In the midnight hour, we can save more power

Orion was able to improve the energy efficiency of its manufacturing facilities in Kuopio by taking into account the operational schedule.

“We think it is great that we are taking practical measures to save energy in all of Orion’s operations, including the electricity and heat consumption of our manufacturing facilities. In Kuopio we have been trying to find solutions that will allow us to work as efficiently as before while also reducing our environmental impact.”

– Mikko Rissanen, Facility Manager, Orion

Orion maintains carefully regulated temperatures in its manufacturing facilities. In pharmaceutical manufacturing, requirements concerning humidity regulation are also strict. When manufacturing stops – during the night, for example – the temperature and humidity conditions can be adjusted to improve energy efficiency.

At our Kuopio site, we have optimised the ventilation machines such that we can considerably reduce our carbon dioxide emissions from electricity and district heating. This enables us to run our machines at full capacity for 12 hours and in an energy-saving way for another 12 hours.

Why raise the bar?

Orion is committed to reducing its energy consumption and achieving carbon neutrality. The adjustment of our ventilation machines in Kuopio is an example of the measures that are helping us achieve our goals.

How are we raising the bar?

The Kuopio manufacturing site leads the way in optimising energy consumption at Orion. We are saving not only energy, but also money. The annual saving in electricity and heat consumption will be significant in the future.

By optimising the use of ventilation machines in Kuopio, we can reduce our CO2 emissions by around 30 tonnes per year.