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Towards a more global reach: Orion joins trade association of innovative pharmaceutical companies in Europe

Orion has been accepted as a member of EUCOPE, a representative body of European biopharmaceutical companies. Its members are united by their innovative approach to biopharmaceutical products and medical technologies.
2/23/2024 Author / Sanna Jäppinen

The European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs, or EUCOPE, is an advocacy body representing small and medium-sized European biopharmaceutical companies. Orion is now the first Finnish member, having been accepted on 21 February 2024.

EUCOPE’s member companies research, design, develop, supply, manufacture and deploy the next generation of medicines and therapies.

EUCOPE promotes cooperation and policies at both EU and national level that benefit not only its member companies, but also patients and healthcare: the aim is to bring new types of medicines and therapies to market.

Knowledge and advocacy opportunities

Core objectives of Orion's renewed strategy are to become truly global and even more innovative. This fits well with a stronger presence and influence at EU level.

“The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries, and at the same time both national and international regulation is becoming increasingly significant in the sector - not only in terms of competitiveness, but also in areas such as sustainability, research, product development, pricing and security of supply,” says Lotte Bruns, Head of Public Affairs at Orion. 

“We aim to ensure a good, predictable, and supportive operating environment to ensure the European pharma sector can stand against global competition," says Bruns.

Learn more about EUCOPE here.