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Charter of the Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee of Orion Corporation was elected on 28 April 2023.

In addition to the committees composed of Board members, the Company has a Nomination Committee which, departing from the recommendation of the Corporate Governance Code, can also include persons other than members of the Board. The reasons for departing from the Code are explained in Corporate Governance in section General principles. The majority of the members of the Committee shall be independent of the Company in the manner described in the Finnish Corporate Governance Code. The members shall have the expertise and experience required for the duties of the committee. Neither the President and CEO nor a member of the Executive Management Board of the Company may be a member of the committee.

According to the Nomination Committee’s charter, the members and the chair of the committee are appointed by the Board annually. For the appointments, the Board shall hear the views of the largest shareholders in the shareholder register by the number of votes about the composition of the committee. The hearing takes place at a meeting to which the twenty (20) largest registered shareholders by the number of votes shall be invited. Shareholders not entitled to participate in General Meetings based on their shareholdings are, however, disregarded in calculating the largest shareholders. The term of office of the members ends when the Board has elected the next Nomination Committee. The committee shall meet when necessary and regularly report on its work to the Board of Directors.

The duty of the committee is to prepare and present a recommendation to the Board of Directors for a proposal to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders concerning the composition and compensation of the Board. A proposal for remuneration shall be prepared according to the remuneration policy of the Company’s governing bodies. The committee shall announce to the Board its proposal to the Annual General Meeting of shareholders concerning the composition and compensation of the Board. The recommendation prepared by the committee shall not be regarded as a proposal by a shareholder to an Annual General Meeting of shareholders. Nor shall the recommendation has any impact on the Board’s independent decision-making power or its right to make proposals to Annual General Meetings of shareholders. The committee’s other duties include preparing principles for the diversity of the Board and succession planning concerning the members of the Board.