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Experiences from Phase1 Trainees

Read experiences from previous summers' Phase1 trainees.

Phase1 trainee, Project Engineer

I’m Tony, a third-year student of chemical engineering at Aalto University. I completed my Bachelor’s degree this year. In the autumn, I will start my Master’s degree in chemical and process engineering. Here at Orion, I spent the summer working as a project engineer in the injection and inhalation departments. My duties included the start-up and maintenance of equipment, for example, in addition to helping operations engineers and assisting in many projects. My tasks were pleasantly challenging and varied, which kept the work interesting. Perhaps the best part of the job was learning about the pharmaceutical industry and developing my own skills. 
The working atmosphere at Orion is really good, as many others have also said. It was easy to join the team, and someone would always help me if I had any problems. The Phase1 programme was also a good experience alongside my normal tasks. I really enjoyed the mentoring, because it gave me new perspectives for the future. It was also great to meet other Phase1 participants and hear about their experiences. 
– Tony, Phase 1 trainee programme in 2021

Phase1 trainee, Chemical Quality Control

I’m Ilona, a fourth-year student of chemical and process engineering at Åbo Akademi University. In the summer of 2021, I worked as a Quality Control Trainee in the chemical quality control department at Orion in Turku. My main task was to update the quality control laboratory’s guidelines for the chromatographic analyses of active pharmaceutical ingredients and gel and cream preparations. My work was part of a project to facilitate and accelerate the performance and inspection of quality control analysis work. In practice, I drew up guidelines on safety markings concerning analyses and the required personal protective equipment and supplies, based on chemical safety data sheets and various databases, for example. 
My summer as a trainee at Orion made me even more interested in the pharmaceutical industry and medical research. I learned a great deal about pharmaceutical ingredients, chromatographic analysis, laboratory safety and the precision required for the production and quality control of medicines. I also became familiar with the basic principles of working in a GMP environment, as well as pharmaceutical supply chains. I was provided with comprehensive induction training, but it was also easy to ask colleagues for help when needed. I felt that my contribution was useful, and that my expertise was appreciated. 
Workshops and other activities related to the Phase1 programme and mentoring about working life were an essential part of my summer at Orion. They were useful and rewarding despite the pandemic and the virtual setting, and provided nice variation. 
– Ilona, Phase trainee programme in 2021

Phase1 trainee, Treasury

I’m Simo, a third-year student of finance at the Aalto University School of Economics. I spent the summer of 2019 working in Orion’s treasury department, where my main duties included managing the Group’s financial transactions and short-term liquidity and reviewing foreign exchange transactions. As a side project for Orion’s pension foundation, I also carried out work related to responsible investment and analyses of potential investments. 
My summer job at Orion’s Treasury was an excellent opportunity to gain an overall understanding of the financial operations of a listed company. I was also surprised at the level of responsibility that I was entrusted with, from day one, in managing the Group’s financial transactions. The pension foundation’s project taught me a great deal about the importance of responsibility in investment decisions and how to put it into practice. 
In addition to my own tasks, the Phase1 programme allowed me to get to know other summer employees at Orion and hear about their experiences. This brought variety to my daily work, in addition to giving me the opportunity to meet new people outside my field of study. Overall, my summer at Orion was a great opportunity to learn more about finance and gain valuable experience for the future. 
– Simo, Phase1 trainee programme in 2019