Orion helps Plan to promote education

The target of the Orion Group's charitable support is Plan. The collaboration with Plan Finland started in 2011.

Plan, a non-profit development organisation, is the target chosen by Orion to be sponsored at Group-level, i.e. on behalf of all operational units within Orion. Our collaboration with Plan Finland started in 2011 when we joined as a corporate partner to support Plan in a project that promotes early childhood education in developing countries.

As of 2014, our sponsorship target is the Because I am a Girl campaign run by Plan in several poor countries to promote the girls’ opportunities to go to school and receive high-standard education. It is especially important to care for the possibilities of teen-aged girls to go on getting education even after the primary school. Plan concentrates its efforts on the eradication of child marriages and against the physical, mental and sexual violence faced by girls in schools, especially in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Read about the Because I am a Girl campaign on Plan’s website, at www.plan.fi/en-GB/frontpage/because-i-am-a-girl.

Information about Plan: plan-international.org.

Information about Plan Finland: www.plan.fi.

Patient organisations and medical research funds are also supported by Orion

The donation policy of the Orion Group determines the principles followed by Orion in donating funds for off-business purposes. Instead of a mixture of numerous minor targets we focus on one charitable organisation common to all units of the Group. We also support foundations funding medical research, and patient organisations. We understand that there is a multitude of other instances which would fit into the idea of our Building well-being slogan, but our policy helps us manage and administer the granted support and our commitments agreed upon with the recipients of our support.

Patient organisations are excellent targets to be supported by an enterprise engaged in healthcare, with their socially important role in providing information and mental support, arranging rehabilitation and bringing patients and their families together with peers to share experience and advice. Annual summaries of our patient organisation collaboration in Europe are publicly available on our website. These reports show details of the various forms of support such as sponsorship for covering costs of educational events or production of information material about a disesase, for example. The decisions concerning support to patient organisations are made by our pharmaceutical marketing organisations within their budget limits.

Orion’s shareholders have also annually authorised the Board of Directors to allocate the proposed part of the Orion Group’s distributable profit to medical research and other purposes of public interest. The Board decides on the sharing of the sum, which in the distribution of profits for 2013 was EUR 250,000.