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Genetic information enabling drug development

Researchers in Orion's Cancer Genomics unit are using cancer cell genome data to develop new cancer drugs.

Researchers are mainly interested in the genetic factors that cause a cell to divide aggressively and a cancerous tumour to grow. Such genetic information may reveal mechanisms that can be targeted with drugs. 
Cancer genomics can provide solutions for a wide range of cancers. 
The research question determines the techniques to be used:

  • Single-cell technologies aim to understand exactly what is happening in a single cell.
  • The aim of modelling is to create models that better describe different types of cancer patients and cancer mechanisms.

Cancer genomics can be used in developing more personalised cancer drugs. It also helps to identify patients who will benefit most from specific treatments. 


The work of a researcher is incredibly interesting. It's fascinating to search for new knowledge – together with equally enthusiastic colleagues. Best of all, we can find solutions that will improve the health of many cancer patients."

Julia Lindqvist, Head of Orion's Cancer Genomics unit; PhD, Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology