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Orion Group Financial Review (proforma) 1-12/2006

In this release, the Orion Corporation which was listed as a new company on the Helsinki Stock Exchange on 3 July 2006 after the demerger of the old Orion on 1 July 2006, gives a proforma Financial Review of
1-12/2006, in which is based on figures carved out from the financial statements of the demerged Orion. The operations are reviewed according to the post-demerger Group structure and based on proforma financial figures for 1-12/2006. A separate stock exchange release is given today on the official Financial Statements, the Report of the Board of Directors for the first financial period, 1 July - 31 December 2006.
-         Group net sales were EUR 641.1 (585.6) million, up by 9.5%.
-         Operating profit rose by 26.7% to EUR 196.7 (155.2) million.
-         Profit before taxes was EUR 197.3 (154.3) million.
-         Earnings per share were EUR 1.03 (0.83).
-         Equity ratio was 75.4% (65.6%).
-         Return on capital employed (ROCE) was 46.5% (40.7%).
-         The proposed dividend is EUR 1.00 per share.