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President and CEO, Vice Chairman and Board Committees of Oriola-KD Corporation

Mr. Hautaniemi, 40 years, joined the Orion Group as President of the Wholesale and Distribution Division in the beginning of 2006, with the intention to take the leadership of Oriola-KD Corporation after the demerger.
Mr Antti Remes was elected Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Oriola-KD Corporation. Also an audit committee and a compensation committee were established, composed of the board members as follows:
Audit committee
Mr Antti Remes (Chairman)
Ms Outi Raitasuo
Mr Mika Vidgrén
Compensation committee
Mr Olli Riikkala (Chairman)
Mr Pauli Kulvik
Mr Jaakko Uotila
Based on an evaluation, the Board of Directors has determined that all the members are independent of the company and its significant shareholders. The company here means both the current Orion Corporation and Oriola-KD Corporation resulting from the demerger.
Orion Corporation
Jukka Viinanen                                       Olli Huotari
President and CEO                                General Counsel
Helsinki Exchanges
Orion Corporation
Corporate Administration
Orionintie 1A, 02200 Espoo