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Oriola-KD management organisation as of 1 July 2006

The following persons with their respective responsibility areas have been appointed to the
Oriola-KD Group Management Team:
Eero Hautaniemi, President and CEO, Oriola-KD Corporation
Claes von Bonsdorff, CIO (Chief Information Officer)
Henry Haarla, General Counsel
Pellervo Hämäläinen, Vice President, Communications and IR
Risto Kanerva, Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Distribution and Trade
Ove Käll, Vice President, Kronans Droghandel AB
Senja Tynkkynen, Vice President, Dental
Ilari Vaalavirta, Vice President, Healthcare and Research
Kimmo Virtanen, CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
The members of the Group Management Team will report to Eero Hautaniemi, President and CEO.
Board of Directors of Oriola Oy as of 24 April 2006
Effective as of 24 April 2006, the Board of Directors of Oriola Oy, a subsidiary of Orion Corporation belonging to the Wholesale and Distribution Division of the Orion Group, is composed of Eero Hautaniemi as Chairman, and Henry Haarla and Risto Kanerva as members.
Also as of 24 April 2006, the designated auditors of Oriola Oy are Rabbe Nevalainen, APA, Juha Nenonen, APA, and Pekka Hietala, APA. The deputy auditors are Maarit Nurmi, APA, and Johanna Mikkola, APA.
Oriola Oy contributed about 32 percent to the 2005 consolidated net sales of the Orion Group, thereby being a significant subsidiary in the Group, in accordance with the rules of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.
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