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Changes in the Executive Management Board of the Orion Group as of 1 November 2006

The Executive Management Board of the Orion Group as of 1 November 2006 is composed of the following executives and their respective responsibility areas:
Jukka Viinanen, President and CEO, Orion Corporation, Chairman of the Executive Management Board
Timo Lappalainen, Senior Vice President, Proprietary Products and Animal Health
Markku Huhta-Koivisto, Senior Vice President, Specialty Products and Fermion
Jaakko Rissanen, Senior Vice President, Orion Diagnostica
Pekka Kaivola, Senior Vice President, Global Sales
Pekka Konsi, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain
Riitta Vartiainen, Senior Vice President, Business Development and Support
Jari Karlson, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Olli Huotari, Senior Vice President, Corporate Functions.
The members of the Executive Management Board report to Jukka Viinanen, President and CEO.
Mr. Konsi is a new member in the Executive Management Board. The composition will be complemented later with the Senior Vice President, Research and Development as soon as the person to the currently vacant position has been appointed. The other persons have been members also in the previous composition. Responsibility areas of the members have been re-allocated for the Specialty Products business division and the Supply Chain and Business Development and Support line functions.   
Orion Corporation
Jukka Viinanen                                        Olli Huotari
President and CEO                                  Senior Vice President, Corporate Functions
Contact person:
Jukka Viinanen, President and CEO, phone +358 10 426 3710
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