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Board of Directors of Kronans Droghandel as of 14 June 2006

The composition of the Board of Directors has been amended today for Kronans Droghandel AB (KD), which is a subsidiary of the present Orion Corporation belonging to the Wholesale and Distribution Division and which, after the demerger of Orion in early July 2006, will constitute part of the Oriola-KD Group.  As of 14 June 2006, the composition of the Board of Directors of KD is as follows:
Chairman: Eero Hautaniemi
Vice Chairman: Risto Kanerva
Members: Karin Bernadotte, Susan Claesgård, Anders Cornelius, Eva Andrén Forsmark, Sten Niklasson ja Niklas Prager and Kimmo Virtanen
Deputy members: Stefan Dahlqvist, Henry Haarla, Dick Holmgren, Pellervo Hämäläinen, Ulf Janzon, Margareta Johansson and Nikolaj Sørensen.  
Kimmo Virtanen is a new member instead of Jukka Viinanen, former chairman. Henry Haarla and Pellervo Hämäläinen are new deputy members instead of former deputy members Olli Huotari and Heikki Salo.
Kronans Droghandel AB contributed about 37 percent to the 2005 consolidated net sales of the Orion Group, thereby being a significant subsidiary in the Group, in accordance with the rules of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.
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