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Orion Group Interim Report 1-3/2005

- Orion shifted to IFRS reporting as of January 2005. Also the comparative figures for 2004 are in accordance with IFRS.
- The FAS-IFRS reconciliations of the Income Statement and Balance Sheet for the comparative period 1-3/2004 are presented in the end of the Tables section.  
- The main IFRS accounting principles applied by the Orion Group are published as an attachment to this Release.
- The figures in this Release have not been audited. Those in the parentheses are for the comparative period.
Espoo, 11 May 2005
Board of Directors of Orion Corporation
Orion Corporation
Jukka Viinanen                                        Jari Karlson
President and CEO                                  CFO
Contact persons:
Jukka Viinanen, President and CEO, Orion Corporation, phone +358 10 429 3710                   
Jari Karlson, CFO, Orion Group, phone +358 10 429 2883, gsm +358 50 429 2883
This Interim Report will be presented to the media and institutional investors today 11 May 2005 in a Press Conference in Kansallissali, Helsinki, starting at 10.30 am. The language of the event is Finnish.
The Finnish presentation can be followed on-line via the Internet homepage, or via the Kauppalehti Live web service,
A webcast presentation in English will become available as of early afternoon 11 May 2005 on, on, as well as via Thomson/CCBN's web service or Thomson's extranet service for institutional investors,
Publication schedule for Orion's Interim Reports for Q2 and Q3
Interim Report 1-6/2005  Tuesday  9 August 2005  at  8.30 am
Interim Report 1-9/2005  Tuesday  8 November 2005  at  8.30 am
A Capital Markets Day is planned to be held by Orion in London on Tuesday, 22 November 2005.
The financial reports of the Orion Group as well as the related material will be available on the company's homepage for investors,, instantly upon publication.