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Orion's bonus issue and amendment of Bylaws have been entered into the trade register

Bonus issue 2004
By decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders of Orion Corporation held on 14 September 2004, the company's share capital will be increased by a bonus issue of EUR 114,781,315.70  from EUR 114,781,315.70  to EUR 229,562,631.40. In the bonus issue, each A-share entitled its holder to receive one new A-share, and each B-share entitled its holder to receive one new B-share, without payment. 29,634,329 new A-shares and 37,884,092 new B-shares, totally 67,518,421 shares was issued.  After the entry into the trade register on 17 September 2004, the total number of Orion Corporation shares is 135,036,842, each with a nominal value of EUR 1.70. 
Class A shares account for 59,268,658 of the total, and Class B shares for 75,768,184.
The record date of the bonus issue is 17 September 2004.  The bonus shares will be entered on the shareholders' book-entry accounts on 20 September 2004.  They will entitle for full dividends for the financial year that started on 1 January 2004.  The other rights attached to each share are  valid as of the day on which the share capital increase was registered. The new shares will be listed for public trading on the Helsinki stock exchange as of Monday, 20 September 2004, together with the already listed Orion Corporation shares.
On 31 August 2004, the Financial Supervision Authority has granted Orion Corporation an exception from the obligation to publish the Listing Particulars.
Amendments to Section 3 in the Bylaws
The following amendments of Section 3 of the Bylaws of Orion Corporation have been entered into the trade register on 17 September 2004: 
-          The minimum share capital of the company shall be one hundred twenty seven million five hundred thousand (127,500,000) euros and its maximum share capital five hundred ten million (510,000,000) euros, within which limits the share capi­tal may be raised or lowered wit­hout amending the Bylaws.
-          A maximum number of 120,000,000 of the shares shall be class A shares and a maximum number of 180,000,000 shares shall be class B shares.
The other parts of the Section remain unchanged.
Orion Corporation
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