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Orion Corporation appoints a nomination committee

The members of the committee are appointed by the Board of Directors annually for a term ending at the closing of the Annual General Meeting of the shareholders following the appointment. For the appointments, the Board shall hear the largest shareholders' opinions about the composition of the committee.
The committee shall meet when necessary. Having first heard the largest shareholders for their opinions, the committee shall present a recommendation to the Board of Directors for the proposal to the Annual General Meeting concerning the composition and compensation of the Board of Directors.
At its meeting today, the Board of Directors of Orion Corporation appointed the following persons to the nomination committee for a term which shall end at the closing of the next Annual General Meeting of the company:
Kari Jussi Aho
Harry Brade
Erkki Etola
Matti Kavetvuo
Petri Kuusisto
Timo Maasilta
Jukka Ylppö.
The Board of Directors elected Timo Maasilta as the Chairman of the committee.
The essentials of the working order of the nomination committee are documented in the Corporate Governance in the Orion Group, available on the Orion Group homepage, in the section addressed to Investors:
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