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Orion Corporation applies for the listing of its stock options 2001 as of 1 October 2004

                                                                                                               Each "2001A/B" option entitles its holder to subscribe for two Orion Corporation B-shares. Accordingly, a maximum of 1,800,000 B-shares can be subscribed with them. The current subscription price of one Orion Corporation B-share with the options "2001A/B" is EUR 10.82.

The dividends paid by the company before the date of the share subscription will be deducted from the share subscription price. Dividend rights of the shares and other shareholder rights shall commence when the increase of the share capital has been registered in the Trade Register.
On 24 August 2004, the Financial Supervision Authority has granted Orion Corporation an exception from the obligation to publish the Listing Particulars concerning the options of the year 2001 stock option plan.
The Terms and Conditions of the Orion Corporation Stock Option Plan 2001 (Orion Corporation Warrants 2001) are available on the internet homepage  
Orion Corporation
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Orion Corporation
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