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Announcement in accordance with section 10 of chapter 2 of the Finnish Securities Market Act

Silchester International Investors Limited (Silchester) have, in accordance with section 9 of chapter 2 of the Finnish Securities Market Act, notified Orion Corporation that, in result of their recent sales of shares in Orion Corporation, on behalf of their clients, their control of Orion Corporation has fallen below 1/20 (one of twenty), and that after the transactions, they exercise control over 3,348,020 B-shares representing 4.96% of the total Orion shares and 0.46% of the total votes.
Silchester also announces that:
1. the date on which the ownership has fallen below the 1/20 limit was 20 April 2004
2. their official name is Silchester International Investors Limited, Company Registration No 3000514
The full name of Orion is Orion Corporation, business identity code 0112283-5. The current total number of Orion Corporation shares is 67,518,421. After the latest conversions on 12 February 2004, the number of A-shares is 29,950,329 and the number of B-shares is 37,568,092. As each A-share provides 20 votes and each B-share one vote, the total number of votes is 636,574,672. Accordingly, the B-shares currently controlled by Silchester represent 4.96% of the share capital and 0.53% of the total votes.
Orion Corporation
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Orion Corporation
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