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Orion Pharma's co-determination process leads to reduction of 260 jobs in Finland

The co-determination process that started in Orion Corporation Orion Pharma in the beginning of June leads to reduction of about 260 jobs in Finland. In addition, Orion Pharma will reduce about 100 jobs in its organisation abroad. Earlier this spring Orion Pharma denounced 54 persons from its domestic sales organisation. Altogether the number of employees in Orion Pharma will decrease by 400 persons by the end of year 2003.
About 190 of the now reduced 260 persons will be given a notice. The remaining jobs will be discontinued through retirement and termination of fixed term contracts. The majority of the discontinued employment contracts, about 130, concern white collar employees, 110  are exempts and about 20 blue collar employees.
About 160 employment contracts will be discontinued in Espoo, about 60 in Kuopio, 40 in Turku and one in Oulu.
Orion Pharma's President Risto Miettunen says that the company has carried out the co-determination negotiations according to all laws, regulations and respecting Orion's values.
In spite of all different views, the negotiations progressed in good spirits. According to Miettunen, the reductions have now been implemented, and no need for new ones are in sight.
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