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Orion Pharma is focusing R&D

The recently analysed results from the first study in the Phase 3 clinical trials programme with levosimendan in the treatment of acute decompensated heart failure provide further support to the already achieved perception of the reliability of the levosimendan research programme.
The research expenditure of Orion Pharma will be downsized to an annual level of about 80 million euros, as already announced earlier. According to Dr. Risto Miettunen, President of Orion Pharma, the company will not continue to devote its own resources to the research of the compounds that have been planned to be outsourced from the portfolio. Their value is maximized through business development.
The strategic core of the Orion Group will continue to be in Orion Pharma, which will seek growth in all the four businesses it is engaged in: Core Therapy Areas, Specialty Products such as generics and other preparations, Animal Health and Fermion, a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients. 
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