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Orion Pharma introduces negotiations with Finnish personnel representatives aiming at major operational rearrangements

Negotiations with the Finnish personnel representatives are being introduced in the Orion Pharma business division of Orion Corporation concerning rearrangements necessitated by the need to rehabilitate the financial and operational situation of Orion Pharma. Underlying reasons include weakened profitability, structural adjustments to the current scope of operations, changes in the product portfolio and the refocusing of research projects.
The Animal Health and the Fermion units, as well as the domestic marketing and sales organisation are excluded from the scope of the negotiations. More than 50 persons are already being reduced from the domestic sales in consequence of the new legislation concerning generic substitution.
The now introduced negotiations include a need to reduce the personnel of Orion Pharma by an additional 300 persons. The current number of personnel in Orion Pharma is around 3,000. More than 2,400 of the total are working in the Finnish locations of the division.
In the course of the summer, the needs to reorganise also the international operations of Orion Pharma will be under scrutiny. Orion Pharma has marketing subsidiaries in most western European countries.
- After these measures, Orion Pharma will have an improved ability to generate profits and better prerequisites for a successful future. Our aim is to build our operations on a sustainable ground, says Risto Miettunen, President of Orion Pharma. 
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