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Orion focuses on pharmaceuticals

The publicity has implied yesterday and today that Orion Corporation (Orion) is actively selling its operations. Orion has announced its strategy for example in the year 2002 Annual Report, which states that the Group's aim is to focus on pharmaceuticals. The other business units support the development and expansion of the Group.
- Orion's Stock Exchange Release from June 5, 2003 states that Orion Pharma continues to be the core of Orion Corporation. The same message is given in the interim report published on May 13, 2003, President of Orion Corporation Jukka Viinanen confirms.
President Viinanen has in several public appearances stated that the other business units can be handed over if needed. Today's reports are based on citations and imply that some new decisions have been made.
- On what happens and according to which schedule things proceed and change have not been decided. The news media has combined events from the past spring and made conclusions from them, Viinanen emphasises.
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