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Orion centralises pharmaceutical manufacturing in Finland

The pharmaceutical unit of Orion Corporation, Orion Pharma, centralises its pharmaceutical manufacturing in Finland and the operations of the factory in Denmark will be discontinued as part of activities aimed at increased efficiency. The production in Denmark will be moved to Orion Pharma's Turku plant by the turn of the year. Negotiations corresponding to Finnish co-determination negotiations process will start on July 3, 2003 with the personnel in Denmark.
The pharmaceutical operations of Orion's Danish subsidiary Orion Pharma A/S (former Ercopharm A/S) will be closed in the beginning of next year. The plant in Denmark has manufactured tablets for hormone replacement therapy. The majority of production will be transferred to Turku plant, where hormone replacement therapy gels are manufactured. The plant in Denmark is Orion Pharma's only factory outside Finland.
Centralising of the manufacturing in Finland is part of activities aimed at increased efficiency of operations. Hormonal Therapies is one of Orion Pharma's core therapy areas based on own research. In spite of the challenging market situation, the sales of these products in Orion Pharma are on the increase. By improving the economic efficiency of the production, the centralising ensures the competitiveness and availability of the therapeutically important products. Turku plant is already equipped with special skills and a production line for the manufacture of gel products.
Orion Pharma A/S in Denmark employs about 100 persons. The decision to close the factory will lead to the discontinuation of the employment of about 65 persons in the production, quality assurance and support functions. The sales, marketing and part of the administration personnel will continue in their current positions.
Orion Pharma has a significant role in the Nordic pharmaceutical business both in human and animal products. Orion Pharma A/S (Ercopharm) became part of Orion Corporation in 1977. In addition to Denmark, the company has pharmaceutical production in Kuopio, Turku and Espoo. The production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (Fermion) is located in Oulu and Hanko.
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