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Board of Directors and Auditors of Kronans Droghandel AB

In the Board of Directors of Kronans Droghandel AB, a pharmaceutical distributor belonging to the Wholesale and Distribution division of the Orion Group, Ivar Robinson has been replaced by Lars Gunneflo, former deputy member of the Board. Anders Larsson has been elected as a new deputy member of the Board. No other changes has been made. The Board of Directors is composed as follows:
Chairman: Jukka Viinanen
Deputy chairman: Pauli Torkko
Members: Eva Andrén Forsmark, Anders Cornelius, Susan Claesgård, Lars Gunneflo, 
Seppo Morri, Sten Niklasson and Lars Olofsson.
Deputy members: Marie Andersson, Dick Holmgren, Margareta Johansson, Risto Kanerva, Anders Larsson, Anders Morén and Heikki Salo.
As new auditors of the company has been elected Bo Lorentzon and Thomas Nilsson who replace Jan Malm and Joachim Linder. As new deputy auditors has been elected Staffan Landén and Björn Grundvall who replace Robert Kihlén.
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