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B-warrants 1998 of Orion Corporation quoted on the main list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange

All the B-warrants of the Warrants Programme 1998 of Orion Corporation will be listed on the Main List of the Helsinki Exchanges as of 2 May 2003. Before the listing, the 1998 B-warrants will be merged with the already listed 1998 A-warrants.
The total number of B-warrants is 1,581,600. Each B-warrant entitles its holder to subscribe for one Orion Corporation B-share. In the aggregate, the B-warrants entitle holders to subscribe for 1,581,600 B-shares in Orion Corporation. Shares can be subscribed for with the warrants during 2 May 2003 -30 April 2005. The share subscription price with the A- and B-warrants is 26.88 euros per share. The dividends payable annually shall be deducted from the share subscription price.
The terms of the Warrants Programme 1998 of Orion Corporation are available on the homepage section Share Information.
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