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Allegations and claims made by Dr. Peter Jackson against Orion Corporation (Orion) found groundless by the Helsinki Court of Appeals today

The Helsinki Court of Appeals gave today its verdict upholding
mainly the one given in 1999 by the Espoo District Court in a case
initiated in early 1998 by Dr. Peter Jackson from Malta who filed
suit against Orion for damages amounting to about 110 million
euros plus interest. The Court of Appeals rejected Dr. Jackson's
claims on all essential parts. However, Orion shall pay about
5.700 euros to the plaintiff in unpaid royalties. Dr. Jackson
shall pay Orion's legal fees in the Court of Appeals in the amount
of 150 000 euros.

Dr. Jackson claims were based on an alleged breach of agreement by
Farmos Group Ltd. (Farmos) which was merged into Orion in the
early 1990's. Dr. Jackson claimed that Farmos and Orion failed to
use their best efforts in commercially utilizing patent rights
related to a protective solution used in producing animal
feedstuffs and thereby caused Dr. Jackson to suffer damage.

Orion's standpoint is that Farmos has acted in conformity with the
agreement made back in 1986. Therefore it strongly denied the
allegations. The agreement in question belonged to Farmos'
Agricultural Division which was divested by the company in 1988.
In Orion's opinion Dr. Jackson's claim for damages was based on
theoretical and unrealistic calculation.

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