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Orion Group Interim Report 1-6/2001

The net sales of the Orion Group in 1-6/2001 came to EUR 475.3 million (EUR 464.2 million during 1-6/2000), up by 2.4%. Operating profit improved substantially from the level of the first quarter of the year, due to improved sales and the milestone payments received by Orion Pharma during the second quarter, and it came to EUR 47.5 million (EUR 46.8 million). Profit before extraordinary items and taxes was EUR 52.4 million, almost at the level of the previous year (EUR 52.8 million). The net sales of Orion Pharma grew by 8.1% and the operating profit came to the previous year's level. Oriola's net sales declined but the operating profit improved slightly. Orion Diagnostica's development levelled off from the previous year. Among the four business divisions of the Group, Noiro showed the best relative growth both in terms of net sales and operating profit, up by 9.8% and 67.2% correspondingly. The businesses of Orion Corporation Soredex and its US subsidiary, specialising in dental imaging systems, were sold to Instrumentarium Corporation at the end of June. Before the transaction, Finndent, a department of Soredex was divested through an MBO arrangement to Finndent's management.
The full report including tables can be downloaded from the following link: