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Decisions by the Annual General Meeting on 30 March 2000 concerning lowering of the share capital and amendment of

The lowering of the share capital of Orion Corporation by invalidating the 2,453,208 Orion Corporation A-shares owned by the subsidiary Oriola Oy has been entered into the Trade Register on 14 April, 2000. The share capital was decreased by 4,170,453.60 euros, the total nominal value of the invalidated shares, from 118,951,769.30 euros to 114,781,315.70 euros. Following the invalidation, the total number of shares according to the Trade Register is 67,518,421 of which 34,565,547 are A-shares and 32,952,874 are B-shares. The nominal value of each share is 1.70 euros. Prior to the invalidation, Oriola's ownership in Orion Corporation corresponded to 3,51% of all shares and 6.34% of total votes. As a result of the invalidation, no Orion Corporation shares are held by Oriola Oy.

Also entered today into the Trade Register was the amendment of the Bylaws by means of which the second sentence of section 3 paragraph 3 as well as sections 4-6 of paragraph 3 of the Bylaws were cancelled. With these amendments, the Bylaws were updated to comply with the provisions in section 2 of chapter 4 of the Finnish Companies Act concerning preemptive subscription rights of shares, as provided in the Law of 14 February 1997/145.


In consequence of the above-mentioned share invalidation, the ownership of the Orion Corporation Pension Fund in Orion Corporation has exceeded 1/20 (one of twenty) on 14 April, 2000.

The current ownership of the Orion Corporation Pension Fund in Orion Corporation is as follows:
                 Shares        Share of      Share of 

share capital votes
Orion Corporation (no voting rights)
A-shares 1,814,554 5.25% 5.25%
B-shares 646,596 1.96% 1.96%

Total 2,461,150 3.65% 5.10%

The register code of the Orion Corporation Pension Fund in the Finnish register of foundations is 0200026-6.

Orion Corporation

Pauli Torkko

Henry Haarla