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Orion's acquisition enhances its offer with strong brands

- We wanted to enhance our offer of self-care line by products that can also be used for prevantion.  The value of the products now acquired are about 1, 5 million euros in wholesale prices, Riitta Vartiainen, Vice president of Orion Pharma's Specialty products estimates.
Biophilus® and Lactophilus® promote intestinal balance and prevent diarrhoea,  Gynophilus® -vaginal suppositories and Gynocaps®-capsules promote the reconstitution of the normal vaginal flora. Lactafoam®  is a foam for women's private hygiene.
Laboratoires Lyocentre
With a history of 50 years of operation, Lyocentre is a French family enterprise specialised in the research of probiotics, or in intestinal diseases and digestive disturbances. The company's former owners include Organon and Akzo Nobel but in 1997 it became independent again under its current Managing Director Huber Desjonqueres.  Laboratories Lyocentre is a small company with less than 100 employees.  The company's European export markets are Austria, Spain, Portugal and Finland. In Asia, it exports to Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India and in South America to Venezuela. New markets recently opened are China, Italy and Vietnam.  Exports account for about 60 percent of the company's net sales. Homepage: (
Orion Corporation Orion Pharma's self-care products
Orion Pharma's self-care products follow a solid growth curve. The total Finnish sales of self-care products to pharmacies amounted to EUR 243,1 million based on wholesale prices in 2005, a 12.7% increase from the previous year. Orion Pharma's share of the self-care product sales grew by 16.2% to EUR 63,7 million which is 26.2% of the Finnish self-care market.  In terms of numbers of self-care product packages sold, Orion Pharma's market share was about 36%.
Product information
Biophilus® promotes intestinal balance and is the product of choice for many tourists taking precautions to prevent travellers' diarrhoea. Travellers should start taking lactobacillus products already on the departure day, and keep on taking the product throughout the trip until a couple of days after returning home.
Lactophilus® is also indicated for the normalisation of the intestinal flora for the prevention and treatment of intestinal disturbances and diarrhoea, sometimes associated with antibiotics treatment or change of diet.   
Gynocaps® and Lactafoam®, a product family for women's personal hygiene
The Gynophilus® vaginal suppositories are indicated for the treatment of yeast fungus infections associated with antibiotics medication.  The use of a lactobacillus product promotes the reconstitution of the normal vaginal flora.
The Gynocaps® products contain lactobacillus and are personal hygiene products for the treatment of bacterial imbalances.
Lactafoam®, marketed outside Finland with the trade name Lactamousse, is a foam for women's private hygiene.
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