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Orion Pharma has developed a handy pocket-sized package for Burana that is easy to keep with you. The Burana 400 mg POCKET protective envelope has room for five 400 mg Burana tablets, enough to provide acute first aid or temporary pain relief according to the user's needs.
Another advantage of the pocket-sized package is its handy protective envelope. It is easy to keep with you and the plastic envelope protects the tablet against breaking. Product information also remains legible and does not rub off, as is often the case with blister packs kept in a pocket or handbag without a protective cover.
The active ingredient in Burana is ibuprofen. Burana offers efficient and fast relief for different types of pain, it is easy to use and well tolerated. Modern pain research has been able to clearly demonstrate that chronic pain causes changes in the central nervous system. These changes maintain the pain, even if its original cause has already disappeared. No longer just a symptom, pain is now an independent complaint. Thus, the symptom has become the disease and treatment of the disease has become relief for the symptom.
In Finland, Burana enjoys a long-standing reputation among consumers as the most reliable and valued analgesic (the Trusted Brand survey conducted by Readers' Digest 2001-2005). Burana has been available as an over-the-counter product since 1986 and as a prescription product since 1979. Since 1989, Burana has been the most sold oral self-care product for pain relief in Finland.
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Burana 400 mg POCKET
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