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Oriola to distribute Aventis Pharma products in Finland

In addition to the pharmaceutical distribution operations in Finland, Oriola will continue to take care of the pre-wholesale activities of Aventis' s exports to Russia, the modern operational pattern for which has been developed in partnership with Aventis. 
Aventis Pharma is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Finland. Its full-year 2003 net sales will be in excess of EUR 60 million. The company's key therapy areas are cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis as well as infectious diseases.
"Out strong growth is based on new-generation pharmaceutical innovations offering advanced treatment solutions", explains Heikki Vahtera, General Manager of Aventis's marketing company in Finland, Aventis Pharma Oy. "The reliability and high quality of Oriola's distribution operations as well as its reporting system which efficiently supports our growth are factors making Oriola an ingenuous partner for us."
Oriola, a business division of the Orion Group, is a pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor and a marketer of healthcare products covering the sector comprehensively. The combined market share of Oriola and KD Tukku of pharmaceutical distribution in Finland is currently about 60%. Oriola's invoicing in 2002 came to EUR 716 million and for the first 9 months of 2003 it came to EUR 674 million.
For additional information, please contact:
General Manager Heikki Vahtera, Aventis Pharma Oy, phone +358 201 200 301,
gsm +358 40 546 2751
President Seppo Morri, Oriola Oy, phone +358 10 429 2211, gsm +358 50 429 2211