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Orion Pharma Animal Health to strengthen its Nordic markets

The Animal Health divisions of Orion Corporation Orion Pharma and Pfizer Inc. have made a marketing agreement, which provides Orion Pharma Animal Health exclusive marketing rights for Pfizer's entire range of animal products in Sweden, Norway and Denmark starting from the end of March 2000.

As a result of the deal, Orion Pharma Animal Health will be able to offer a comprehensive and versatile portfolio of preparations, and Orion Pharma's position as a supplier of veterinary drugs in the Nordic countries will grow.

Following the deal with Pfizer, Orion Pharma's product selection will receive an addition of a number of new treatments, and its role as a supplier in the Nordic countries will be enhanced. Pfizer products to be represented by Orion Pharma Animal Health include a large number of basic drugs. Pfizer Animal Health will market its products in Finland. Not only products but also the staff of about 20 persons engaged in the Scandinavian marketing of Pfizer's animal health products are joining Orion Pharma Animal Health.

Orion Pharma Animal Health will strengthen its market position as a manufacturer and marketing force in the Nordic countries. The Pfizer product range will contribute approximately EUR 10 million (FIM 62 million) to Orion Pharma's annual net sales.

The Nordic expansion enlarges Orion Pharma's market potential. The Nordic veterinarians specially will profit by availability and versatility of the present product range. As a Finnish research and manufacturing organisation Orion Pharma Animal Health, is capable to put more efforts on R&D and acquisition of new products for the Scandinavian needs.

Orion Pharma Animal Health
The Animal Health division of Orion Pharma is engaged in the development and marketing of drugs for companion animals and livestock. Orion Pharma's share of the Finnish market for veterinary drugs has been over a half. In Finland, Sweden and Denmark Orion Pharma Animal Health offers a broad product selection comprising both proprietary and in-licensed products. The net sales for the unit in 1999 were FIM 198 million, and exports accounted for about half of the operations with a growth of 16,6%.

The Domitor and Domosedan sedatives as well as the reversally acting Antisedan are Orion's proprietary products
The DDA product family, discovered and developed by Orion Pharma, includes three products: Domosedan® (detomidine) for large animals, Domitor® (medetomidine) for small animals like cats and dogs, and a reversal Antisedan® (atipamezole). With a Domosedan or Domitor injection, the veterinarian can keep the animal patient safely sedated during the clinical procedure, and having received Antisedan, the patient recovers from the sedation in a few minutes and can go home safely. The favour of the treatments is steadily growing among veterinarians all over the world.