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Oriola Dental AB acquiring the Sirona dental business in Sweden

Oriola Dental AB, the Swedish subsidiary of the dental products division of the Finnish Oriola Oy, has acquired the business operations of Sirona Dental Sys-tems Sweden AB. The company is the Swedish subsidiary for the marketing of the dental treatment centers, hand instruments and X-ray equipment for head area imaging manufactured by the German-based Sirona Dental Systems GmbH, the world leading manufacturer in this product sector and standing for the former Siemens AG Dental Division since late 1997. In Finland, Oriola is the marketer for the entire Sirona product range as of last summer.

With the addition of the Sirona range, Oriola Dental AB now provides a com-plete palette of dental care products in Sweden. Oriola is able to competitively offer the most versatile selection of dental laboratory products, instruments, equipment, supplies and materials, as well as the product-related technical services to the dentists and dental laboratories throughout Sweden.

Oriola Dental AB started operations in Sweden in the spring of 1998. The com-pany currently operates from three locations, Stockholm, Malmö and Gothen-burg, with a staff of 30 employees, including the personnel joining from Sirona.